Move to the next level of your guitarizm

Percussion — one of the main trends of modern acoustic guitar. Do you want to know what is it?

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Good base rules!
You will learn all necessary terms, including the meaning of «groove». You will study basic and important technics of palm mute and ways of strong rhythm play
Play «drums»
You will learn how to play bass drum, snare, hats in different guitar techniques. You'll get examples of riffs from AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson – you won't be borred!
How to play bass, rhythm, melody and drums together
By the end of this course you will learn combination of studied techniques through Pink Floyd song, which will be reviewed in details
Add some groove
Do you wanna refresh your old known songs and compositions and make them more dynamic and rhythmical? After finishing this course you will have enough skills to make it!

The course structure is "from simple to advanced", that's why your study will be easy, pleasant and fun


Online education system gives an opportunity to study any time you want and in your own tempo. Don't hurry up, but don't slow down too! :)


The course materials are approved and worked out by real students with real progress

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Who am I to guarantee results?

Hi! My name is Maxim Yarushkin :)

I'm a guitar player and teacher. Some facts about me:

18 years of guitar practice

17 500 guitarists are trained with my materials
260 000 watch my fingerstyle arrangements and lessons

I lead a popular YouTube-channel «GoFingerstyle» about fingerstyle and acoustic guitar